Geelong: Premier Sales and Service for Develon and Bobcat Equipment

The advantage of proximity

Nestled close to Geelong, FSR Equip in Colac is strategically placed to deliver exceptional sales and service to this bustling urban area. Our proximity allows us to respond swiftly to the needs of our clients in Geelong, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency for your projects.

Develon and Bobcat equipment expertise

At FSR Equip, we specialize in providing top-tier equipment solutions, focusing on Develon for heavy equipment needs and Bobcat for light to compact machinery requirements. Whether you’re engaged in major construction, landscaping, or smaller urban projects, our extensive range of Develon and Bobcat equipment is designed to meet the diverse demands of Geelong’s dynamic environment.

Forklift solutions for Geelong businesses

In addition to construction equipment, FSR Equip is a leader in forklift sales, servicing, and long-term rental options tailored to Geelong’s industries’ specific needs. Our forklifts are perfect for those needing reliable lifting and material handling solutions, whether for a short-term job or longer-term operational requirements.

Comprehensive sales and servicing

FSR Equip prides itself on selling equipment and providing comprehensive after-sales service. Our team of expert technicians in Colac is always ready to assist with any maintenance or repair needs, ensuring that your equipment operates at peak performance. Our commitment to prompt and effective service means businesses in Geelong can rely on us for uninterrupted productivity.

Why choose FSR Equip for your equipment needs in Geelong?

Choosing FSR Equip means partnering with a service provider that understands the local landscape and can support all aspects of your equipment needs. From initial consultation and purchase to ongoing maintenance and expert advice, our team is dedicated to ensuring your success.

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Contact FSR Equip for more information on our products and services or to schedule a consultation. Let us help you enhance your operations with the best equipment solutions in Geelong.

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