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Warrnambool and Colac

Boost productivity with Develon wheel loaders

FSR Equip is proud to offer Develon wheel loaders, formerly known as Doosan, to our clients throughout South Western Victoria and South Eastern South Australia. Known for their robust construction and superior efficiency, Develon wheel loaders are designed to tackle the most demanding tasks in construction, agriculture, and mining. With advanced technology and powerful performance, these wheel loaders enhance productivity and ensure operational reliability in all working conditions.

In addition to wheel loaders, FSR Equip provides new sales of compact tractors and Develon excavators, complementing our diverse range of heavy machinery. We are dedicated to supporting your equipment needs with comprehensive maintenance and repair services, and we offer a full inventory of parts for all the machinery we sell. Trust FSR Equip to provide the machinery you need and the ongoing support to keep it performing at its best.

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