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Colac, Warrnambool, South West Vic and South East SA

Unleash the power of Develon excavators

FSR Equip proudly offers Develon excavators, renowned for their robust construction and advanced engineering, in Colac and Warrnambool. Formerly known as Doosan, Develon continues to set industry standards with their powerful and reliable machinery. Our selection of new excavators is perfect for a wide range of applications, from heavy construction sites to intricate landscaping projects. With Develon’s cutting-edge technology, these excavators ensure high productivity and efficiency on every job. While focusing on Develon excavators, FSR Equip also provides new sales of forklifts and Bobcat mowers, catering to diverse industrial and agricultural needs. Our commitment extends beyond sales, as we offer comprehensive maintenance and repairs for all types of equipment to ensure your machinery is always in top working condition. .

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