Rental Options

FSR Equip have an extensive range of new and used equipment suitable for frontline, long hour use and low hour, low volume usage. All rental equipment costs include 6 month safety and service checks, and fair wear and tear repairs.

Short Term

Businesses these days need to react quickly and offer flexible service, FSR Equip’s rental fleet gives you this ability. Use short term hire as part of your fleet management plan to take care of those peaks in demand, short term contract fulfillment or any other short term need.

If you need machinery hire for shorter periods of time from a week to several months we offer a wide selection of equipment from counterbalance forklifts, electric forklifts, reach trucks, walkie stackers and sweepers and scrubbers.

Long Term

Our contract rental option puts you in control of operating costs. Covering the complete package, it includes rental, maintenance, service and repairs over a fixed period; ie: 3 / 5 or 7 years.
At the end of the contract you give the machine back with no further payments to make. Contract Rental gives you use of the equipment without the hassle of ownership.

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